Monday, March 05, 2007

Taking One Day at a Time

Alright people, today I continued working on my goal to take it a little easier, to stay calmer. Today went pretty well, and I feel good about it. I'm now counting down from five, because they can hear that and it quiets quicker than just the quiet hand signal. I'm really working on my patience and fighting the urge to automatically snap or be harsh, and just be still strict but a little quieter.

We're continuing work with some language activities on overheads. Currently we're practicing combining sentences and phrases, and identifying clauses. They were intimidated at first by the big words (subordinate etc), but once they saw we'd done it last week and examples together, they started to get it. I'm taking it nice and slow, and assigned them to write and identify their own tonight. We'll do more tomorrow in class and as homework. I like that.

I also introduced l!t c!rcles, and one of the roles. I think this week we'll focus mainly on those, practicing, and let that go into 'writing workshop' as well. The students are *supposed* to read two books by the same author by the end of the month. Ha, ha, yeah right. So I've got to move quickly to get things off the ground. If you can believe it, I already heard some complaints about the book! Before we even started! Judgmental little buggers. I'll do my best to just nudge them through all the questions and vocabulary, because I WILL give quizzes and tests. I'm going to have each class doing a book together, instead of having different groups reading different books. It's my hope that this way, we can all discuss things together as a class and get them used to thinking, but they can also practice doing roles in a small group. Wish us all luck, man, we'll need it.


X said...

You're having kids all read the same book at the same time, and nobody's chopping your head off for it? Dude. That's awesome. said...

What book do you have them reading?