Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sh...Free Day

So Tuesday ended up being pretty awesome. I didn't have to get up until 7.15 (although, annoyingly, I was pretty awake starting about 6.25), and the courthouse is close enough to walk in less than fifteen minutes. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, already nearly warm at eight AM.

I brought two books and my grades bubbling sheets with me, which I about finished while waiting for the announcements to begin. I went to ask them about travel and trip plans, and the guy told me that if I left before a trial was over, I'd get no 'credit' for the service. Or that I could leave for now and get another summons in a few months.

Because of my trip next week, and my dread about leaving the students in incapable hands (control freak much?), I left. I want to serve, but now isn't the right time (I know, who cares, right?). But I'll definitely do it next time.

So then I had the rest of the beautiful day to myself! I got my eyebrows done and went into the city. Lunch with Boyfriend, then a relaxed couple hours at Central Park.

Detail on the Bell of Hope behind St Paul's Church, given by the City of London in commemoration of September 11. It was made at the same foundry as the Liberty Bell and Big Ben!

Sun, tree, and reflections.

I like taking pictures of the sun.

How cute is this?

Lying on the grass, in the sun, listening to music, reading, taking pictures.
Seriously, can you have a better day?

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