Friday, March 16, 2007


It is Friday! I hate being so cliche, but it's such a relief to get to the end of the week. Despite some kid horrors in my afternoon class, the week went pretty quickly.

I must say that I'm impressed with my students, and with ME, this week. We had the math test, but I didn't give them the afternoons 'off'; we still did our regular work. And today, it was all snowy and stuff (I know! WTF?!), but it was their best-behaved day all week!

Because of the Hydras' (and I suppose I can't call them that anymore, since they're behaving so much better) efforts to apologize and improve, and I've been holding them to that, and making them feel guilty if the whole class isn't showing excellence, I issued them a challenge. I told them they haven't been a level 5 since the end of January, and let's see if we can stay a Level 5 all period. And they did it!

Next week we will continue the challenge. Wish us all luck.

The afternoon class (which needs a name) listened well to chapter five of our l!t c!rcle book, and then when it was over, settled quietly into working on the chapter questions! I was very proud and happy.

I'm attending a teacher conference tomorrow. I hope it's interesting!

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Anonymous said...

Yay for conferences. Have fun! I hope you are planning to attend the Teacher to Teacher conference on the 24th, with Walter Dean Myers as the keynote. I'll e-mail you details!