Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Fun" stuff.

During seventh period yesterday, I spent some time working in the book room, tidying and organizing. The 'highlight' was surely finding a condom wrapper on top of the file cabinets in the back of the room. And, it was not covered in asbestos dust like everything else around it, so...


A few weeks ago we put another lock on the door, but last week that had also disappeared, and every time I go there, the door is wide open. I close the door when I leave, so draw your own conclusions about that.

Oh, but see, the door doesn't actually shut. At the beginning of the year, somehow the door was locked closed, so after a week or two, the custodians opened the room. Apparently they decided to just remove the whole doorknob. And not replace it.

Yep, surrounded by winners here.

Speaking of winners, older readers may remember that my first year I taught an inclusion class. So it may surprise you to learn that today I attended an IEP meeting for the very first time ever. Doubly surprise, really, because I got the notice last week that the meeting was today, mid-morning. I rolled my eyes and sighed and put the note away. Hello, teaching day, etc. But then yesterday, the scheduler guy told me they scheduled a coverer for that period! Look at that!

Now of course I left class promptly to get to the meeting right on time, but I ended up sitting in the library for the rest of the period, waiting for another meeting to end. Once it was into my lunch period, then the meeting was ready to begin.

Oh, here's another fun thing. Some of you have made nice suggestions or recommendations about the ESL kid, but I'm sad to inform you that you are vastly overestimating the communication in my school. All those things you said, all those people you mentioned? I do not know any of it. Nobody tells us ANYTHING in my school.

Here's an excellent case to prove that:
Last week a memo was given to the students with information about days off and such, including parent teacher conferences.

To this day, TEACHERS have never received official notice with the dates or times of conferences.

We are so unimportant and unrespected by this new administration--they make us fill out paperwork for copies that never arrive; they give out student notices at all hours of the day, not during homeroom like they're supposed to; they refuse to support the policies they spout; they don't inform us of anything except what we must do in order to avoid trouble.

Man, I'm tired.

Good thing tomorrow's my birthday! I'm having secret parties with my classes, but don't tell anyone--wouldn't want to get in trouble. After all, my students have been working hard and mostly behaving well. God forbid we have a good time to celebrate...


17 (really 15) more years said...

This is scary- if I didn't know better, I'd think you worked in my school. Nobody tells us anything either, we never get copies, blah blah blah. I hear you about being so tired. I could drop on my face.

Don't you kinda wonder who's getting it on in the book room? (ewwwwwwww)

Happy early birthday!

Ms. M said...

In my school the secretary never tells me when we get new students so I never know when to test them for ESL (except for the beginning of the year). The only way I know is when a teacher comes to me and says, "I have a new student who doesn't speak any English in my class. Shouldn't you be picking him up?" And then I test him. And then I do. (Just imagine the kids who need ESL but can speak alright so their teachers don't notice right away. It takes me ages to find out about them). So, basically what I am saying is, go to an ESL teacher in you building and ask how this student can get tested.

If you need any thing else, let me know :)