Tuesday, June 03, 2008

And The Stupid Just Keeps on Coming

This morning, I was going through the warm up with my students. Learn, teach, blah blah schoolcakes.

*knock knock*

I opened the door to students in another class. "Can I help you?"

They hold some papers and scantrons out. "Here's the test."

I blinked at them, totally perplexed. "Huh? What?"

"It's from Miss So and So."

"Uh....I don't get it."

They just kind of stood there, not sure what to do. So I said, "Have her call me or something."

A minute goes by, and another teacher comes to the door. "The class is taking this final today."

Once again, my witty response: "Huh?"

"The whole grade is taking this final right now."

"What? Since when? Why didn't they tell us?"

blah blah blah no answer, no memo, nothing at all.

And oh wait, it gets better.

Next period I'm off, and I mention it to the coach. hey, what's going on with this, our grade heard nothing about it, etc etc. She didn't really know about it either but recalls something. She finds an old memo on the table. It's dated the 22nd and addressed to only the teachers in that content area.

Wait, there's more!

Later on I find the AP and basically confront her that we were all blindsided. She tried to come back with the fact that the kids knew. I said, "But *we* didn't. I had a lesson plan, I was doing something!"

She had the sense to look a little chagrined and halfheartedly apologized, but THEN says, "Oh, it was up to those content teachers to tell the others."

Next time she or anyone else pulls this shit, I'm just gonna tell them, "Hey, DO YOUR JOB." I'm so done with it all.

I swear to god, I'm gonna lose it one of these days. Start cussing, walk out of the building, I don't know what. I cannot take it!

Some of you deal with bullshit way worse than this. And this is what I say to you, to me, to all of us--It is WRONG. It is not okay for us to be treated like this. Something needs to be done. I don't know what, I don't know how, but we shouldn't take it anymore!


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

You get a very LOUD Amen from me! You're right: It is NOT OK for you to be treated that way!!!

Ms. M said...

Absolutely! So unprofessional. I could rattle off a list of similar stories. Why can't administrators get organized? Why is it the kids "come first" until they need you to do something else for them. And why is it they expect us to be prepared yet act as if we don't have any plans of our own?