Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm sorry to have to say this outright, but principal is officially an idiot.

Last week she ignored or forgot a schedule change that was made months ago, affecting one of our days this month. I thought that was neglectful enough.

But get a load of this!

She wants to put bookshelves on every floor, stocked with books, so the students will have a 'home environment.'

Take a second, think about it.

That is one of the all-time stupidest ideas I have EVER heard.

First of all, has she ever SEEN the freaking hallways in our building? Oh right, she hides herself away in the office (this year's students didn't know who she was for months!). Well, I'll be happy to tell her about the noise, chaos and general unsafe conditions that goes on every.single.passing time. Previously I've actually addressed it in writing to her--and what did she do? Try to pass it off to the AP, who did nothing either. She takes zero responsibility for enforcing any kind of discipline or security.

Secondly, the halls are already littered with trash on a daily basis as well.

Third, that's what the damn classroom libraries are FOR. Duh! No way am I helping supply books for this monumentally absurd, utterly obtuse plan.

Can you imagine if we gave the students fuel for this metaphorical fire? I would wager on a week tops that shelves would be emptied and the hallways covered in torn pages, students covered in bruises from books hurled as bullets.

Jesus criminy, get a clue, lady!


hedgetoad said...

that didn't even work in the private school my brother worked in where the students had a strict honor code (and followed it).

The only words that come to mind are "book fight!"

Ms M. said...

I actually read this twice thinking it couldn't possibly be true...then I remembered how many times I have told stories to my friends and had to end with "Seriously! You can't make this shit up!"

Anonymous said...

Ironic, because most kids' actual home enviornments don't even contain books ...

NYC Educator said...

It's funny how people without a clue what's going on end up either in charge or authorities on education. When I first started, I took a course in Queens College taught by a very kind visiting prof from St. John's. She counseled to build a learning library in the back of the classroom.

At the time, I had no textbooks and was only able to procure chalk every now and then. Nothing left in my room remained there. There was absolutely no possibility I could use this suggestion, or indeed most of her others. She had no notion where I worked, who I worked with or what my resources actually were.

That said, your principal's idea is far, far more preposterous. Everyone knows what goes on in the hallways. Except her, I guess.

Mister Teacher said...

Sounds good to me. Tell her SHE has to provide all the books and cleanup...