Friday, June 13, 2008

The weather was perfect today.

That was mostly the only positive thing with today's field trip. Most of the kids had a good time once the activities began, too.

That's all I'm going to say, because the rest is not so nice. If you've ever spent time in a New York City public school, you can fill in the details. In fact, let's play Name That Mess-Up! Leave a comment with one of the things that always goes wrong on your trips.

But now I have to change direction in this post. So beware.

Like last May and June, I've been having trouble sleeping this spring. Either can't make my brain shut up to fall asleep, or can't make my brain stay shut up to stay asleep. So I've been using some Ambien to help me stay more rested and sane. Because sanity is a big help when faced with preteens all day.

Two nights ago, I felt tired and figured I wouldn't need to take anything. And of course, my brain rattled on about school and all kinds of other stressful things until at least 3.30am. So last night I didn't want to take any chances and swallowed a friendly pill around 10pm.

Well, I stayed up, flickring, and I happened upon a mosaic of pictures. And I swear to god, the pictures were moving. Both when I was looking at them and while I was looking not quite at them. There was a flower picture (I had to check just now to see if this really happened, but look, here it is! I swear to god, the petals were nodding and waving in the wind. I SWEAR IT. I kept staring at it, watching it ripple over and over again. It was the coolest, trippiest thing.

Except now it seems like some kind of dream, like I must have imagined it. But there's the link; I faved it to tell my future self that it was real. Add I swear to you, it was!

This isn't the first time this happened; remember when I took one and watched American Idol, and I could have sworn it was twins auditions, and there were six judges instead of three?

Man, I bet the 60s were fun.


17 (really 15) more years said...

Fabulous picture!!

I can't sleep either, from the stress. Had a major blowout with the man last night who had the nerve to say, "You complain about the same shit every June." You can just imagine how well that went over.

X said...


The permission slips didn't contain necessary information?

Not everyone turned in a permission slip, but somehow everyone ended up on the trip?

Nobody planned the route?

While passing a sidewalk cafe, kids stole sugar packets and threw them in the air?

Creepy old people kept walking into the activities?

Fair-skinned kids swore up and down that they had applied sunscreen, but looked like lobsters by 2 pm?

Electronic devices were lost/stolen?

On the way back to school, a kid stood in the street and refused to move?