Wednesday, June 04, 2008

good times

I let two classes read Who's On First this afternoon. The students that I chose from the Roos just nailed it. The tone, inflection, understanding, everything. The whole class giggled and guffawed throughout. It was fantastic and I loved it and them. I was very proud and happy. Also, it had been a year since I'd heard or read it, and I laughed the whole time too. Man, that is some of the most brilliant comedy ever.

(In contrast, the Herd readers were decent but didn't seem to get it enough to read it correctly, and nearly half the class didn't get it; I heard several kids say, "Where was Naturally?" Sigh. But some of them did get it and seemed to like it.)

Yesterday I scheduled myself for two interviews, but I wasn't really paying attention, so I ended up driving to one in a neighboring borough so that I could do the other one by phone while in the car. Both seemed to go fairly well; I think I articulated myself well (which hasn't always been the case; after all, don't they just somehow know how awesome I am?!). So please continue thinking happy thoughts for me. :)


NYC Educator said...

Love it. I remember I once had a class with a guy named Hu in it. One kid said, "Hu's not here."

I told her I hadn't taken attendance yet. That conversation went on for a pretty long time. I have a kid now named "Hao," but it's not the same at all.

Mark said...

You have my good thoughts for your interviews. Have you heard anything from the interviewers yet? I hope it's good news!