Sunday, June 22, 2008

An excellent Friday!

I must have said, "What day is this again?" twenty times this past week. It was long and confusing and irritating.

BUT! Friday was short and fun, a perfect way to end the week, a perfect way to spend the last Friday of the school year.

First, in the morning, I was in the hallway and thought I recognized someone's back. Sure enough, she turned and it was my friend N! She moved to Texas last summer, which was sad because she was the best friend that I had in school. We had a couple minutes to chat and catch up. She's doing really well and loving Texas life. It was so good seeing her again!

And did I mention that my other friend N was in town earlier this week? She moved to NOLA last summer, to work at a charter school that was even more corrupt and messed up than our school. Now she's happily engaged and moving to Florida!

The bulk of the day on Friday was a field trip that Ms Math and I frantically tried to coordinate on Wednesday. We took one class, the 'best' class (the Herd) to a local zoo. Only two thirds of the class actually showed up, so it was a nice small group of the nicest kids. There were a bunch of other kids from our school too, but everyone did quite well in terms of behavior.

The kids had a great time looking at the animals, taking pictures, running around, just being kids. The animals (though they seemed quite lonely to me) were interesting to see (alligator! coyote! sea lions! etc). I took over six hundred pictures, so you know I was happy. :) The weather was perfect--it was nearly hot but there was plenty of shade to keep us cool. The bus ride was easy, quick, and no one got lost.

It was really the ideal trip!

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CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

If your friend N is in Texas, is it possible that you should look in that direction too?