Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I bought some brand new books at the local 99cent store! Not crappy generic books either--the two sequels of The City of Ember!

I worked out again today--I'm on a hot streak of working out every other day and I feel great. If I were not so lazy I'd do even more.

I have two interviews this week--think happy employable thoughts for me. :)



hedgetoad said...

*sending positive energy your way*

East Coast Teacher said...

*Sending good interview vibes your way*

Could you, in turn, send some "Let's get the interviews rollin'" vibes my way?

Because my phone? It isn't ringing.

And with the 60+ packets I've sent out, it should be.

Working out regularly is awesome, isn't it?

Fred said...

Nice to see you're still out there, J, I just returned from a sabbatical.