Sunday, January 18, 2009

Book Mania!

Okay, friends, you like to read, right? (If not, don't tell me, it will make me too sad.) I have lots of books that I don't need anymore. You have books that you want. Win-win situation!

These books are PAY AS YOU WISH. If you live in NYC, I can meet you somewhere to exchange. If you live somewhere else, I'll let you know what the shipping cost would be.

First up: non-teacher books!

Saving Fish from Drowning

Criss Cross

The Virgin Blue

Let's Go: Amsterdam

Continental Drifter

Angela's Ashes

Grosse Pointe Girl

Rules for Saying Goodbye


Now, onto the teacher books! There's something for everyone here!

The Essential 55

Setting Limits in the Classroom

Made in America

Reading Without Nonsense

Remedial Reading Techniques

Writing About Reading

Nonfiction Craft Lessons
Teaching Elementary Social Studies
Subjects Matter
Teaching Special Students
Writing in the Content Areas
Getting Excited about Data
100 Best Websites for Educators
Voices in Literature: Bronze

Literacy's Beginnings
Thinking Through Genre
Do I Really Have to Teach Reading?
Literacy: Helping Children Construct Meaning
Elementary and Middle School Mathematics
Project WILD: K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide
Child Development


Schoolgal said...

Here's a new blog with a very interesting title...
That's Okay I Didn't Want That Job Anyway

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Looks like you're starting your own mini!

KitchenSink said...

You might not be interested because you don't get money back, but...

Julie said...

I second paper back swap! We use it and it's awesome!!
You don't get money back, but you also don't have to pay for books :)

Mister Teacher said...

I sold about 50 books back to HalfPrice Books over Christmas Break. Made just over $11!! WOOHOO!!