Friday, April 30, 2004

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit." --Nelson Henderson

So please, sign up for Seattle Works Day if you haven't already.

Yesterday I'm not really sure what I did. I know that I went to the workout...oh, that's right. I interviewed at Starbucks. It went well and I should start next week. It's a big relief to have the prospect of a paycheck. And it will be great for reversing my hermity ways. I certainly won't be bored anymore. For now I'm going to have this be a "second" job, even though I don't technically have a "first" job. But I do have one day's work so far next week, and two days the week after that, so I will have options for more than one source of income. And really, that's what matters at this point.

So today it's Friday. I had a crazy intense dream that started with being in high school, getting lost in the corridors and forgetting about my math class and homework. Very stressful. Then, it turned into an adventure! I was in this trailer, in a woodsy area, and the main characters of Alias were turning on me and I had to escape.

This afternoon I visited the Bellevue library and then went to my old work neighborhood to go for a walk. I don't think I've really done anything else. Ooh, I should be getting my car back next week, finally. And I got started on doing the in-school observation, which is a requirement before the training starts this summer.

I've been thinking about this trip...I keep thinking it might be a mistake to do the drive. It will take about ten tanks of gas (which would be around $300!), plus lodging (though I can try to have stopping points where I know people who could let me bum a night's sleep) and food. It will take at least four days. A plane would cost a hundred dollars and take less than a day. I'm scared to drive in New York City, and I'm even more scared of the parking situation. BUT. I really want to drive across the country! This is the perfect opportunity for it, especially since I want to go to the Perry Point weekend thing before the training starts, and bussing it between NYC and Perryville sucks. And if there are any other daytrips I want to take in New England, I can. So I'm pretty sure that flying would be a better idea, but I'm also pretty sure that I'll drive anyway. Ooh, it's exciting.

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