Monday, August 22, 2005


That's the number of miles I drove during my road trip. Wow.

21=number of days I was gone from New York.

13=number of days I was on the road from Seattle to New York.

13= number of states I drove in.

5=number of old teammates I got to visit. (pictures very soon!)

5=number of other friends/family I got to visit.

5=number of elk I saw.

4=number of deer I saw.

1=number of bears I saw (stuffed).

40=number of bison I saw (1 stuffed).

15=number of times the lovely aroma of sulfur was palpable in the air.

5=number of mountain ranges I saw.

1=number of magical lands I visited.

5024=number of corn fields I saw.

4042=number of cattle I saw.

17=number of books I bought. (I know. I'm sick. I just can't help myself.)

5=number of keychains I bought. (To add to my international collection, of course.)

46=number of postcards I bought.

15=number of postcards I sent to friends and family.

2=number of torrential downpours I got caught in. (Actually, I'm pretty sure it was the same one, just fifteen hundred miles apart. More on that later.)

2=number of NYC bridges I got to drive over.

62=number of minutes I sat in New York City traffic. Oh yeah, this is why I promised I would never drive in the city.

115=amount of a parking ticket received, after less than 24 hours in the city. Welcome home, baby girl.


Paramendra Bhagat said...

This is such an original post!

That comment about the downpour: hilarious!


Paramendra Bhagat said...

I just bookmarked your blog at my delicious page.

Anonymouph said...

You saw 5024 corn fields? I am sooooooo jealous! I miss my corn!