Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pretend first day

This morning I was up again at 7am (hurrah! but boo!), and then I spent an hour sorting through my pile of crap I brought home from school in June. I packed it in my car, drove to school (I drove to school! In my own car!! And it took a mere fifteen minutes!!!), lugged the crates up to the second floor, and got most of my stuff moved out of my old room, with the help of my good friend N.

Then it was noon.

And I was sweaty. Like, a lot. And the hair? Whew, it was crazy. All frizzy and curly and all over the place.

It was a huge relief, though, to get to school, see my new classroom, and begin to get used to the idea of teaching in it. My new room is pretty sweet. It's built exactly like my old room, including the A/C unit in the window (yes!). PLUS, I have a PROJECTOR SCREEN. Do you have any idea how cool that is? I no longer have to project half an overhead screen on an empty bit of wall, like the ghetto teacher I used to be! AND I'm going to get a large bookcase. Squee!

Nothing got set up or decorated or anything. Both bulletin boards are already prepped though, which is excellent. I just need to make some posters for the first couple days. Maybe I'll put up some maps until I have more "artifacts" up and about. (Stupid artifacts.)

I'm going back in tomorrow afternoon to move things around and make my new room livable. Wish me luck.


Ms. M said...

Must be nice being able to "pack up your car." I finally found an apartment and now I have to move into it. Only I'm not sure how I'm going to get my two enormous suitcases, computer, printer and all the various teacher bags full of books that I've aquired full of books to the aaartment! I think I'm going to have to take about eight trips! Sooo not looking forward to that.

Fred said...

Good luck!