Monday, August 01, 2005

On Sunday, after the vacuum debacle, I had a great day.

A girl in my class takes dance classes on the Upper West Side. She said they were pretty good, so I traveled for a whole hour to the studio. Two other girls from class were there too, we were all first-timers in the jazz funk class. But it was great. Sweaty and difficult, but awesome. I loved just dancing. The instructor was good; he's a hiphop choreographer. We learned two combinations to different hiphop/rap songs. Some of the footwork was tough for me, but for the most part, I did pretty well. I wasn't great or perfect, but I wasn't horrible either. Not too shabby at all, which is fine for me. Especially considering I haven't taken a proper dance class like that since...high school, if ever.

Then us girls took the train to Astoria and had a nice, chatty dinner at a Greek restaurant. We talked about Harry Potter, shopping, and boys, among other things.

That's the kind of New York life that I want, that I've been hoping for. Going into the city, doing something fun and active, having dinner with girlfriends at a little local's all good. Let's hope there's more of that this next year.

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