Thursday, August 04, 2005

this is the life...

It is SO gorgeous here in Seattle. Beautiful, warm weather--80s and 90s--with none of the humidity! I am loving it muchly.

I arrived safely on Monday night, though there was a mixup with my mom in the airport. I joined her at her informal French lesson. I love speaking and hearing French! I was surprised at how much I could still say and understand. Hurrah.

Spent some time at my dad's, hanging out with dad, brother and sister, and the tiny baby kitties in the barn. Squee! So cute.

Yesterday, I visited with my friend Syd; she and her sister Les are the only high school friends I keep in contact with, because they are both awesome. Syd and her newlywed husband also just finished their first years teaching. I asked if they had the workshop model, and they both said, "What's that?"


The incentive to return to Washington to teach just got bigger!

Anyway, Syd and I had a leisurely lunch in Kirkland, then sat by the water, had some ice cream, and stopped off at her school and classroom. People, it was beautiful. It looked like my dreams. There was carpet, there were built-in cubbies, there were COMPUTERS (including one on her desk), there was a TELEVISION, AND a VCR, AND a pull-down projector screen, AND pull down maps, AND all kinds of cupboards, AND an office to keep class sets of books...oh man, I was drooling all over the place.

From Syd's lovely house in Bellevue, I drove down to Tacoma to see my college friend and old roommate Stacey. She's living in a tiny but cozy studio while doing a one-year teacher certification/master's program. We went to the Ram and compared stories of students and management and stuff like that. It was good fun, like always.

The next three nights I'll be out and about staying other places. I'm taking pictures and saving stories, which I may not get to share until much later in the month. Currently the plan is to leave here early Tuesday morning. That will give me oodles of time to drive and also hang out a bit with the people I'll be visiting along the way. Yay!

Catch ya later, dudes!


Fred said...

Great update. I can tell I haven't been blogging all week, I didn't even know you were going!

If you like Seattle, here's a great blog to read.

Rae said...

Sorry I couldn't come out with you and Stacey on Wednesday. How long are you around for? Bugger, I hope I haven't missed you already.

And what are you talking about, 80 is NOT cool!!!! I'm melting! XP

hedgetoad said...

Glad you got to Seattle during the nice weather - and 80 degress is cool! It's been well over 90 on the east side and I'm freezing every trip back to the coast.

Washington does have the workshop model, it's just got a different name and isn't manditory. However, WA doesn't have a lot of good bagel places and finding lox can be quite an ordeal. Also the NYT is $5 on Sunday! It is a trade off :)