Monday, August 15, 2005

Nearly one week in!

I'm about halfway across the country, geographically, in Lincoln, NE. No big problems yet, knock on wood.

So far it's been quite a trip, and definitely an adventure. I've taken over two hundred pictures (love the digital!) and seen a decent amount of both wildlife, mountain vistas, and rolling plains. But I'll save all the juicy details for the end!

I think that I'll be back in New York in a week or so; things are going quicker than I'd thought. I suppose that's both good and bad. Good because things are going smoothly and "according to plan," and bad because I don't have anything to do in New York for nearly two weeks. Resting will probably be my first priority; I have been tired ever since I left NY two weeks ago.

See you in a week!

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Fred said...

Be safe - see you soon!