Monday, August 29, 2005

First Days

These are my plans at the moment. I'd love your feedback!

THURSDAY: First Day of School
*Enter like professionals
*Practice entering like professionals
*Review expectations/procedure for entering:
1. Boys on the wall
2. Girls on the line
3. Stand in a straight, single-file line
4. Wait until silent and facing front
5. Enter quickly and quietly
6. Immediately take your assigned seat
7. Copy down the homework assignment in your student planner
8. Immediately begin the Do Now
*To each student, hand a pen, #2 pencil, index card, contract/parent letter
*Do Now on board:
--Contact Card
*When done:
--Fall/Intro Survey
NO TALKING during individual work time
*Go over Bathroom Procedure (on chart):
--No requests first, third, fifth or eighth periods.
--Two requests MAX per period (second, sixth, seventh).
--Request ONLY during group work/individual work time.
--If you request during the lesson, or during independent reading, THE CLASS WILL HAVE A TEST THE NEXT DAY.

*ON LAMINATED CHART: What rules can we come up with to make sure our class runs smoothly and is a safe place for all of us?
*We will brainstorm our class rules and expectations.
(When we have a list up)
*In your table groups, choose a role (a recorder, a materials manager, a referee, and a presenter).
*Write on a chart paper about why each rule is important. (WHAT DO WE EXPECT?) Then come up with a consequence for breaking that rule.
*Share out from each table.

Part One:
Sign contract/parent letter.
Part Two:
One of your composition books will be your writer’s notebook. (We will discuss what that means tomorrow.) The writer’s notebook should reflect the writer--things that are important to him or her, things that represent him or her.
--Choose pictures, photographs, or drawings that you like.
--Feel free to use markers, crayons, pencils, or pens to decorate it.

FRIDAY: Second Day of School
*Enter like professionals
*Practice entering like professionals
*Do Now:
--Share your writer’s notebook designs at your table.
Why did you choose what you did? Why is it important to you?
--Share out to class: five students
--Set up Writer’s Notebook:
Title page, table of contents, numbers, seed ideas
--Set up Reader’s Notebook:
Lessons, Response, Word Log
*Go over Workshop Format
*Go over HW assignment
*Review HW Rubric (on chart)

Write an essay about yourself:
--What do you want me to know about you?
--There should be at least five paragraphs.
--Organize your thoughts.
--Do your best with spelling and grammar.

Homework Rubric
To earn an EXCELLENT/LEVEL 4, your homework must:
--Show that all directions were followed
--Show your best effort with conventions (spelling, grammar)
--Have a full, complete heading
--Be written on looseleaf paper
--Be legible

To earn a GOOD/LEVEL 3, your homework would:
--Show that most directions were followed
--Show a good effort with conventions
--Not have a full, complete heading.
--Not be written on looseleaf paper
--Be legible

To earn a FAIR/LEVEL 2, your homework would:
--Show that some directions were followed
--Show some effort with mechanics
--Have an incomplete heading
--Not be written on looseleaf paper
--Be mostly legible

To earn a POOR/LEVEL 1, your homework would:
--Show that few or none of the directions were followed
--Show no effort with mechanics
--Have an incomplete heading
--Not be written on looseleaf paper
--Be illegible


Fred said...

Looks good to me. One suggestion. I'm always hesitant to punish the entire class for one individual's rule violation. I'm wondering if that person should get something extra rather than an entire class that may have been pretty good.

You look ready to go!

bill said...

After the initial decorating of the writer's notebooks, do you allow your students to take them home regularly? In my 5th grade class I tried but then you have missing books and torn up books etc. So I make a sheet called a "mock writer's notebook" on the computer. Essentially just a page with lines for writing, a date and title. I make hundreds of copies of this over the year. Then I have them take a piece of this paper home with them and have them work on whatever we are working on in class--seed ideas, writing from a drawing, poems, etc. Then when they return the assignment it gets stapled right into their writer's notebook. This insures nearly twice the entries. If you allow them to take the book home regularly, I would be interested in how you get them back in a decent condition.

Jules the Crazy said...

Yay, feedback already!

Fred: yeah, that sorta worries me too. BUT--I am going to set the tone this year that I am a hardass who won't take any crap. Thus, if I am hardcore with this test-the-class thing from the *very first second*, they will quickly learn not to mess around. Then hopefully they won't do it and I won't have to give a test to the whole class.

Not to mention the fact that the troublemakers don't do anything anyway; they would laugh in my face if I gave them extra homework. "Who cares? It's not like I do homework anyway."

Hm, what about giving the rest of the class the night OFF from homework? They'll get the night free and the troublemaker will still be responsible for it.

I don't know. I'm still so new at this and nervous about the whole management thing. We'll see what happens, I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Bill--I like your idea! It sounds basically like looseleaf, yeah?

In theory, the students leave their notebooks in the classroom at all times, so as to prevent any "I forgot mine" etc. (Last year my room --and thus noteboooks--got vandalized every time I wasn't in it, so I had to make the kids take the books home with them each night.) This year I might try to get a locking cabinet of some sort.

But I really like the stapling-in of seed idea entries and such. Excellent homework plan, I think I might use it!

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Melissa said...

Wow! You are so prepared. I'm not sure I understand the logic behind your bathroom rules, but I'm sure they are well thought out. However, I also had a problem with punishing the whole class for one student's mistake especially since there may be exceptions to this rule (sick and about to throw up for example). Anyway, have a great time with your students. I'm sure they will like their writing notebooks.

Fred said...

I agree that it's important to set the tone immediately. I always do the same thing - I'm a tough SOB from the first day, then lighten up, if I can. It's impossible to go the other way around.

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