Monday, August 29, 2005

Excellent back-to-school reading

...if you haven't read them already, go check out these most excellent posts by most excellent teacher-bloggers.

wockerjabby: "school sucks". Oh, does it now?

mz. smlph: pointers to teachers

ms. frizzle, just in general. hurray for science!

nancy: the preparation....

fred's world: yes, there ARE good things about teaching.

a series of inconsequential events, also just in general.

NYC Educator: Education politics/Salary/the Mayor

There are many more quality teacher blogs out there, and I hope to find even more this year.

Best of luck to those already teaching, and best of luck planning for the rest of us!


Anonymouph said...

Hey Crazy Girl,

Thanks for the link! I would definitely count your blog among my favorite teacher blogs.

Regarding your comment on my last post, which parts of my advice came across as constructive criticism? I hesitated to write that post at all because I feel like I still have so much to learn as a teacher. After one year in the classroom, surely you know a lot more now than you did when you first started. What advice would you add?

Fred said...

As usual - thanks for the link!