Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And now for something completely different.

I just realized that I spent all.day.long (no, literally! the whole, entire day!) working on school stuff. I don't want to think about that anymore. Especially since I'm going into the building tomorrow morning, for the first time in this, my second year as a teacher.

So instead, seeing as how I brought back all my photos and albums, and I spent half of Sunday scanning them, let's take a look at how freaking adorable I used to be:

I mean, seriously. Is this not the cutest little baby you've ever seen? By the way, this is approximately at six months old--look at all that hair! (And it wasn't new, either, it had been there from the beginning.)

And then I got bigger.

Evidence: my fifth-grade school picture:

This is who MY sixth-grade teacher met. Can you imagine? Look how innocent and blissfully unaware of everything this little one was!

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Fred said...

"Used" to be? C'mon - you're a hottie! :)