Sunday, August 28, 2005

Teacher "vacation"

Our last day of school was June 28, 2004. That very same night, my first night of utter freedom from teaching, I had a nightmare about the first day of school for this year.

Since then, I've had an average of two first-day nightmares per week.

Starting in July, I began plotting and planning for September. I came up with specific plans for the first two days, and general plans for the first three weeks. I bought books and materials from the Scholastic website...and now it was so long ago that I have no idea what I got. Opening the boxes at school will be like opening birthday presents--"ooh, look what I got myself! neat!"

I've been skimming and reading teacher resource books, some faster or more intently than others. (A lot of teacher books are borrrringgg.) Actually, I bought several at the beginning of the summer, and I've read most of those by now.

I have made trips to bookstores and bought books to use for read-alouds and general interest.
Not only that, but all summer I've been buying and hoarding school supplies--filler paper, composition notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. Last week I did school shopping for real, at the teacher store and a big trip to Staples (oh, how I love Staples!). I keep adding to my considerable pile every few days. Will it never end?

Not to mention trying to organize the damn pile. AND trying to organize the mountain of paperwork I collected from last year in lessons, worksheets and resources. Plus I've spent time online looking for even more lessons, worksheets, and resources. (And found some excellent ones! and (Teaching That Makes Sense) are fantastic, go check them out.)

Granted, I haven't actually had to be in a classroom, or be around any actual students--and thank god for that. But as for a scot-free, not quite.

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