Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ho hum, is it Friday yet?

Yesterday I got to cover a dance class with Class 1. We did some yoga and some salsa steps. I had so much fun. Later, I met the new French teacher, and got to practice my francais. Awesome!

Class was easy but not too boring, and we got out early. I like that.

Now it's Thursday but I keep thinking it's Friday. Boo.

Today was good. The kids looked at some old NYC photos to find stories. They'll get to finish those stories tomorrow, and then I hope we'll get to start on characters for short stories.

I'm tired. And a little sleepy. Watching tv from the last few days. The good news is that I already graded two classes' homework while still at school, and I already know what I'm teaching tomorrow. So tonight should be nice and calm. And then it will be Friday!


Fred said...

Since I'm taking a day off tomorrow - it is Friday! Have a good weekend.

Nancy said...

No, the good news is that we get to rock the ferry Saturday night. If the boat's a-rockin'....LOL! See you there.

Ms. M said...

Your school has dance classes??? That's funny, my school has "Performing Arts" in it's title and the closest thing we come to the arts is the one art class a week that some students get.

Jules the Crazy said...

we-ell, it's ONE class, and they meet in the cafeteria. and they don't get to change their clothes or shoes or anything. it's basically advanced babysitting slash movement. still fun, though.