Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oh right, I have no life. Good thing I'm a teacher.

It has just hit noon on Sunday and I am bored.

Already this morning, I have:
*gotten up by 8.30,
*eaten a healthy breakfast (gasp!),
*worked on the big paperwork assignment from my AP (We'll have time to work on it in tomorrow's PD. I sure hope we get updated rosters, because each of my three classes has 3-5 no shows and 2-4 new adds. Anyway, I hope to impress her by finishing in like ten minutes. Let's hope for some brownie points at the beginning of the year!),
*taken a nap,
*put together my bulletin board rubric. (Shh, don't tell: it's the exact same as my homework rubric. I'm going to keep it up all freaking year, unless we're doing something with poetry or art-related.)

Yesterday, by 3pm, I had:
*gotten up by 8.30,
*worked out,
*marked off homework,
*redid seating charts,
*mapped out most of next week's "lessons" (it's all introductions and procedures and tests and things),
*went to the post office and the bank,
*took a three hour sojourn to Costco AND a regular grocery store.

The rest of yesterday involved watching television, eating, and then watching two chick flicks on VIDEOCASSETTE. Old skool, baby.

I feel very proud that I have been so productive. My goals are still on pace to become reality. I still feel like a completely different person that all of last year, and it's pretty fucking awesome.

Now, if I only had a life and something interesting to take up the rest of my time. For instance, Monday and Tuesday evenings, Jack Johnson is playing in Central Park, and I REALLY want to go. Sadly, I
a) have zero money,
b) have two homework assignments for grad classes to catch up on (I can't do them yet because the textbook I ordered last weekend has not yet arrived. Which leaves Monday and Tuesday, whichever day the stupid thing gets here.),
c) have to do PD on Monday afternoon,
d) suspect that I will not have the energy to spend all evening in the city.

Wow, this is an entire post of lists. Sweet! [Fred, aren't you proud/jealous? :) ]

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Rebecca said...

videocassette? (blink blink.) what's that?