Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm sleepy.

The past two nights, I have gone to bed at the ungodly late hour of...eleven P.M. And it is too late, because I am tired. Yawn.

This week has gone well. I've done a lot of work. Actually, that was mostly yesterday. I'm letting myself chill a little bit more today.

I didn't have to bring home any papers to grade tonight, because the students wrote in their notebooks and I just checked them off in class. Sweet! The same thing will happen tomorrow. Double sweet! Way to go for intelligent homework assignation!

Um. Short stories just got off the ground this afternoon. Will continue beginning stuff tomorrow, and start character things for Thursday, I guess. That, and "things good writers do." Which I already got started today during reading workshop. Sweet!

I am tired. If there weren't so much good new tv on tonight, I would crash now. But eh, I'll stay up. Better be worth it. Tomorrow is class, and snore....

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Fred said...

LOL. Hope you're well rested tomorrow.