Sunday, September 18, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes who have high aspirations

Assignment: Write a paragraph explaining your career choice, and giving examples. Then write another paragraph explaining a career choice you DO NOT want, and giving examples.

Class 1:

--"Though I may seem old enough I am still not sure about my definate career choices. Some are a model, a professional dancer/actress/singer, or the president.
...I would like to be the president because I want to make a change in history. I want to try to be the first woman and/or black president. Even though it will be very hard I will use my knowledge as a citizen to run the country.
The one job that I would never do is be a teacher. I would never do this job because it is alot of work and sometimes you have to teach kids who are bad and rude. I also would not be a teacher because you have to teach the same thing class after class, and year after year. Yes, teachers get summer vacation and Christmas off but they don't get paid enough because of this. Finally I would not be a teacher beause it is to much schooling and way to much stress!"

--"When I grow up I want to be a police officer. I've wanted to be one ever since I was three. I want to be a cop because I want people to feel safe when I'm around. I don't want them to be doubtful of cops. For example if a mass murderer is running around Queens looking for his next victim people shouldn't have to look over their shoulder ever few seconds even if I'm close by. I want to give cops a good name."

--"I really don't want my career to be a drug seller....Like if you sell a drug to a kid, it will destory some of their dreams. It will be sad if a little boy or girl dies after taking drugs. That is why that is the worst career to me, and say "NO" to drugs."

--"When I grow up I don't want to be teacher. I don't want to become a teacher because there are a lot of rude children. And I have been known to have a temper. I might just slap some manners in a kid. That is why I don't want to be a teacher."

--"I would like to be a doctor. It's a noble proffesion. You can help mankind grow stronger and become more immunized against powerful disease. You can help prevent millions of people from death. You can help them stay alive from deaths door. You can help save a million lives. Thats why I would like to be a doctor. Besides if you get sick you can treat yourself...for free.

I don't want to be the army. First you go through camp thats like hell. You can get killed. You have to kill. You deal with millions of weapons. So you can end up killing yourself. A mistake you can't make up for."

--from a boy "The job I definently don't want is a ballarena becuase it is [embarrassing] and girly. Another reson why I don't want to ballarena is that you have to wear dresses."

Class 2:

--"One career choice that is not on my list is a teacher. Because it's alot of work being a teacher. Being a teacher means going home with a headache everyday and I can't handle that. Teachers have homework too. Every night they have to plan the next days lesson, mark the homework, ect..."

--"I would not like to be a bar tender as the customers get drunk and do crazy things. It would be a dangerous job. I don't think it is a good place because you make money off peoples bad habits."

--"I would like to be a paleontologist. I want to be a paleontologist because they study dinosaurse and I lik dinosaurs. They are wealthy and they find new dinosaurs. Its thrilling and I get to travel the world. This is why I why I like to be a paleontologist."

--"Something I wouldn't like to be is a dentist. The reason is because I wouldn't like to pull people's teeth out. The reason is because it creeps me out."

--"I always wanted to be a lawyer or a secretary since I was six years old. But I always said I don't want to be a lawyer or secretary because of the money."

--"A career I would not like to have is being a doctor. I would not like to be a doctor because I hate blood. I hate when little kids cry. I don't like to take care of really sick people because I can catch whatever they have. You can hurt the people and kill them."

Class 3:

--"I want to just work at a supermarket or grocery store when I grow up. That's because I don't like seeing blood or organs, so being a surgeon is out. I also don't want a job where there's always a chance i'll die, so being a policeman is out. But with working at a supermarket, you just walk around, check on things, put stuff on shelves, and stuff like that. Plus, there's always those robberies with the guns to add some more excitement."

--"What I don't want to be is a entrepreneur. I don't want to be that because I am not good at coming up with ideas. When I come up with ideas they are always used or stupid. For example, I thought of the solar powered clock. I couldn't set my mind to it because it was already done."

--"A career that I don't want is to be a teacher. Teacher teach and teach and nobody listens to them. They have to yell. I want to have a good voice. Also they have to study hard. They also have to prepare Lessons. Thats why I don't like teaching."

FINAL COUNT: Of 93 students, the number who...

Want to be a doctor/nurse/surgeon/vet: 24
DO NOT want to be a doctor/nurse/surgeon/vet: 21

Want to be a teacher: 8 (mostly girls)
DO NOT want to be a teacher: 8 (mostly boys)

Want to be police: 1
DO NOT want to be police: 7

Want to be an athlete: 15 (nearly all boys)

Want to be in entertainment (actor, director): 7

DO NOT want to be specifically a cashier: 8


Fred said...

These are real good. Really good.

This confirmed what I hear all the time in my class. Many of my students think they're all going to be sports stars and/or P. Diddy. Or Diddy. Or whatever.

For some reason, working hard in high school is not necessary, because they'll all be rich and famous in a few years.

It's crazy.

Greg said...

I always like hearing the bad kids say they don't want to be teachers because of all the kids who act like they do. It never occurs to them to change their behavior.

Anonymous said...

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