Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I am ridiculously tired.

From 3.30 to 6.00, I was kind of just pretending to sleep. But when the alarm went off, I was able to get up just fine. Off I scurried, to get ready and then get in my car (my car! ee!), to drive to school. Which only took twenty minutes. I arrived, fresh-faced, just in time to park behind CuteTeacher. Teehee.

All morning was spent greeting colleagues and chatting about everyone's summers and comparing class schedules. We had a staff meeting, and I was newly inspired by my principal, who discussed how his own father had been going down all the wrong paths. When a teacher at school helped get him on track, it helped Mr Principal's dad to then succeed and become a professional. However, it also helped Mr Principal, and is helping Mr Principal's own son. So he reminded us that the impact we have affects not just the students we have now, but the children of generations to come.

After lunch, there was a quick department meeting. We got class lists! And some other English -related stuff. Our first mini-unit will be short story writing for four weeks, then four weeks of poetry. Four weeks to write a story?! Oh, and I have very exciting news. Out of the 99 students (I know--yikes), guess how many level 2's I have? THREE. Guess how many level 1's? ZERO!! This year's crop of kids are much higher-level all together than last year's. Sweet! Let's hope that will help affect behavior as well.

I spent all afternoon--about three and a half hours--working on my classroom. I did pretty good, got a good bit done. Not nearly finished, of course, but still, good progress. Word wall bulletin board is up. Desk is together. New bookshelf has piles of books on it. (As part of the lesson on genre, the students will sort all the books later.) Welcome sign completed and taped to the door. List of charts to make on my chalkboard. Pile of other charts and signs on table to be put up.

My 417 copies, plus two enlargements, at Staples cost $37! Damn.

Almost nine and I am pretty exhausted. Am heading to shower and bed asap. Mm, sleep.

{don't think about students coming the day after tomorrow. don't think about it at all. that way, you can catch up on sleep. DON'T THINK!}

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Fred said...

Sounds like a great beginning.

Don't think, don't think, don't think...