Monday, September 05, 2005

Oh, damn

Freaking out a bit...

holy shit, tomorrow I have to go to school. I am repeatedly reminding myself that I won't actually be teaching or anything...but that's not really helping.

I've been thinking and planning for two months, and have gotten into a routine with that. Facing the reality of the for-real alarm (set at 6.45 just in case), driving to school for the first real time, and walking into the building as a second-year teacher...shit, yo, it does NOT seem real.

Just don't think about it, just don't think. This week has been planned since mid-July; I don't need to panic! I'm still working on the plans for the next weeks after that, but it will be mostly polishing and stuff. I have general plans. And lots of activities. And several benchmark tests that I haven't decided when to administer.

I'm rereading The First Days of School, taking notes and marking pages. I'm planning my wardrobe in my head, and pretending to prepare my lunch beforehand, I'm having trouble sitting still. No kids tomorrow! Just teachers! I can do this!

Damn. Wednesday night, I just know I am going to be a wreck.


Erin said...

Great blog! I just stumbled in. Good luck on your first official day back at school!

Rebecca said...

Good luck-- you'll be fine. I definitely know the feeling of freaking out, and whatever you're freaking out about usually doesn't turn out to be nearly as bad as you thought it would be.