Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Labor Day, aka Last Day of Freedom for NYC Teachers

Oh dear me, the summer is officially over today. Boo hoo.

It's been a pretty slow weekend. Yesterday I only spent a couple hours on school stuff. Ha, only. I went through the pile of old lesson plans, not reading them, just putting them in chronological order. And I continued looking at lessons for reading and writing.

I haven't made any further progress on my list in the last two days, because mostly what remains is thinking and chart-making. And I will do as much as I can of those two things tomorrow afternoon.

In the afternoon, I walked up and strolled around the street fair. The weather was just perfect: not humid, warm, a cool and refreshing breeze. Mm, lovely. I bought some corn on the cob, a fruit smoothie, a pickle (there are no pickle stands where I come from!), and a leather wallet. I stopped at the bookstore and bought a book of language/grammar activities.

Today I woke up at my 7am alarm, not to do anything, just to restart the whole getting-up-early thing. Ugh. Actually, it wasn't too bad, since I went to bed at midnight. I read for two hours and then took a nap for an hour and a half. Awesome.

Tomorrow my new routine starts. Since I have my car here, I can get up later and get to school much faster. Plus I can carry lots of things if I need to, and I don't have to worry about shoes, since I won't be walking/standing in them for an hour before and after school. Ooh, plus, when it rains, my pantlegs won't get all soaked. Sweet!

As I write this, cookies are baking in the oven, ones that I will bring in to the office tomorrow morning. Mm, cookies.

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Fred said...

Welcome back to the real world. We southerners have already been at it for a month!