Friday, September 02, 2005

Holy shit, it's September. And I'm broke.

Yesterday, I went into school to continue work on my classroom. I stayed for five and a half hours. Got the desks arranged (six groups of six), a couple posters up, and some things organized in my cabinet. There's still a lot to be done, little things. Like putting my desk together. (Not like building it or anything, putting stuff in it and that.) And making some new charts--procedures and stuff. I need to ask the custodians to move the bookshelf into my room for me, and then put all my books in it. There are some more things I need to buy: baskets and folder things and such.

Which brings me to the financial sucks. The car, as much as I love having it, is going to cost a lot of extra money that I don't really have.

So this afternoon when I went shopping with my friend N, I tried to restrain myself. I bought a clearance suit and some black pants at one store, then at another store, a blue striped button-down and a beautiful three-piece 'mulberry' suit. I spent $150...which is too much, but I didn't buy shoes and I guess I will have to do with the ones I already have, scuffs and all.

I now have five complete suits, as well as three suit jackets. Damn!

But that will be a good thing; I want to do my best to dress professionally this year. At the very least, I will look very severe for the first couple weeks at school, so as to set the tone in my classroom. And if the children are slightly intimidated, all the better. :)

Oh, that reminds me. Yesterday evening was sixth-grade orientation, it lasted for about three hours. I met some students, and saw a few returning parents. I have at least two siblings of last year's students, which is kind of goofy. I'm used to siblings being a few years apart, I guess. At least these parents are nice ones. One of them was really impressed that I recognized her younger son, since he looked like his brother whom I had for one quarter last year. Way to start off on a good foot with at least one mom!

Oh yes, and guess who else I saw? The mother that gave me all the trouble last year. The one who felt like her son (but really her) should not have to follow my late rules. Anyway, she has a daughter now starting sixth grade....Thankfully, but probably not accidentally, the daughter will not be one of my students.

Now I feel a little more excited instead of just nervous for next week. Which is good.

Ooh, you know what else is good? CuteTeacher is back! Squee!

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Fred said...

Soundls like the year is going to be very interesting. Squee? LOL...