Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bee Happy

I needed to remind myself of this mental philosophy yesterday. I tend to whine and complain a lot. (You all: "No shit, Sherlock!" Yeah, I know. It's one of my lovable quirks. :)) I don't want to contribute to a negative working environment around me, since I have some really fantastic and smart colleagues, who have become friends. Hurrah!

We reviewed similes a little bit, and did some metaphors too. I used material from one of our skills books to help them "build" metaphors, but it was tricky and tough. I have trouble with them, and so they did too. But they did make a good effort: "His eyes were chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven." "The big elephant was a mountain surrounded by smaller hills." That's about it. On Friday, there will be a quiz for them to identify a simile or metaphor. And I'm pushing them to know the names of all the figlang, as I call it, along with definitions and examples. That way they have the basic information as a foundation, so that they can then create, apply and evaluate that same stuff. See? Look at that Bloom's taxonomy in my planning. Yeah.

Tomorrow we're going back to the book for short response writing, and Friday will be about writing engaging introductions. And I'll finally get to do my fun lesson with the mix CD! Can't wait. Hope they do well.

We had class tonight, but I was sleepy enough beforehand that I lay down for about forty minutes. Ooh, and earlier, for the last 12 minutes of my second prep, I put my head down at the table in the teacher's lounge. Dang, I'm tired a lot lately.

I got my paper all finished and printed out, and it was good. I mean, that it was done, not like the quality or anything. Cause most of the time I don't care about that, just as long as it's done. Anyway, I also had to do a "presentation" of half of a chapter.

Well, I got there to class, and found out the assignment got pushed back to next week. Sweet! I got it done early! Gotta love that. Also, I got three assignments back, all with A or A+. Excellent!

I think I shall get meself to bed now. Adieu!


nobodyknows said...

Please don't view this as some sort of blog-whoring, but...since you don't have class tonight, maybe you'd like to participate in this challenge.

nobodyknows said...

And I mean that in reference to your own teaching in simile and metaphor.

Tep said...

You should see the similes and metaphors my 4th graders came up with at the beginning of the year, when we first begin discussing them. They compared everything to crayons!

“His hair was as black as a black crayon.”

“The sky was like a light blue crayon.”

I think their third grade teachers accepted work like this the year before. It's good to know they keep making some progress in middle school.