Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I was really irritated all morning today. And it wasn't me being moody or anything; I began it as any other day. However.

In the first sixty-three minutes of my day, I was interrupted nine times. NINE TIMES. NINE!!

First, a girl walked in five minutes late. Then I had to get the correct attendance sheet, because they gave me the right folder but the wrong roster. Then the phone rang. It was the office, who said never mind because they couldn't figure out how to pronounce the student's name who they needed. So of course the phone rang ten minutes later, for the same thing. Then a new student came to the door with his mother, because he's new to the school altogether. Oh, and three minutes later she knocked because she forgot to give him his bag of gym clothes or something. Then it was the period break, where four of my students go to another room and miss out on everything I do. Then a special ed teacher came in wanting me to sign an IEP form for a student AND class that I DON'T HAVE.

And, of course, the daily announcements were in there too, somewhere.

I seriously wanted to hit somebody.

During the announcements, while standing for the pledge, I said to my students, in an exasperated and sarcastic voice, "Gee, I'm glad I had a viable lesson to fill the time between all the interruptions."

Seriously, what the fuck? Remember how I said they don't want us to actually teach? This is yet another example.

And, they were really bothersome interruptions. We were practicing conclusions and inferencing as well as listening skills. I was reading short passages and then they were making conclusions or inferences, and then proving them. We even got a debate going about whether certain statements were facts or inferences! It was cool, because there was extra chatter around the room, but it was all discussion about why it was a fact or inference. The kids were getting all frustrated and debateful (huh?), but they seemed to be engaged and learning. I enjoyed it.



At lunch, as usual, I was doing five things at once. And for part of the time, my AP was right there, and seeming to accuse me of something, or look down at me for something...and again, I was really irritated. My plate is freaking overflowing, people, cut me some slack!


I confiscated two notes today. One of them read as follows:

She broke up with him on friday Because He called her a bitch. And there was a big thing. [The dean] got into it. D--- and B--- are just friends. It was a Big thing Because M--- like D--- and she is a lessbeing.

Luckily I read this while students were entering my room and getting settled, so that I could turn away behind my desk and try to stifle my laughter behind my hands. A less being. Oh, lord. And it's not like you can put something like that on the word wall! Ha!


We had a communist edict handed down to us this afternoon. First, it said, The pressure is on because we have only this many days until the test. THEN it said, Ensure you are following the thing given AS A SUGGESTION in last week's PD. And using such and such plan for your content.

So now it's not just helpful advice from our colleagues, given in a friendly but professional manner, it's required! AND our homework as well as everything else has to reflect t*est pr*ep! And the AP is, direct in her intimating that we will GET IN TROUBLE for not following these edicts.

I tell you, by next year they'll only need robots. Or Communist soldiers. This is absolutely ridiculous and quite, *quite* insulting.


On my mom's perhaps-in-jest suggestion, I made a sign for my door. It says:

Learning in Progress! Class IS in session; PLEASE do not interrupt us! Thank you! :)

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Tep said...

I cannot stand the phone in my room. You don't know how many times I've wanted to just unplug the damn thing... it seems to always ring when I am in the middle of reading a story on the carpet to my 4th graders! Every other school district I've been in has a direct intercom from the office to each classroom, which keeps the interruptions somewhat brief, as opposed to having to stop everything, leave your class hanging, and walk over to the damn phone.