Wednesday, November 02, 2005

wednesdays are tough

This week especially, because of the silly pr@ctice ex@ms taking place yesterday, today and tomorrow, all morning. There will be an assembly tomorrow at the end of the day, so I will be "teaching" for ONE period. Ha. I'll have them read and then we'll pass back homework and maybe get in a game of MadLibs. There's some higher order thinking for you.

Actually, it is. That is Application on Bloom's Taxonomy. (Shut up, Inner EL@ Te@cher!)

I knocked out my late paper this evening. It sucks but once again, who cares. One more I figure I'll get in on Saturday, a week late too. Plus midterm tomorrow evening at home and one next week in class. Bah!

Thank you to all who wished me happy birthday! Thanks for the blog love. :)

Speaking of, I got to see the paramour (the hot old guy I mentioned last week) tonight, except there wasn't time to chat. And I wore some extra-showy cleavage, too. I didn't even get my birthday kiss. :( Very disappointing.

I wish I had something interesting or insightful to share with you all. The week at school is really nothing, and right now we're between birthday celebrations. Oh, I will be posting pics of my gifts and my cute outfit, tomorrow I suppose.

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Fred said...

Pictures! Pictures!