Saturday, November 19, 2005

I'm going to...


I leave Saturday, February 18 and return on Friday, February 24, flying Northwest/KLM.

My total ticket price was a measly $454.


First, when I went back to BA, their price had gone up nearly a hundred dollars to $660. That is a lot of I went to Travelocity and found this price. What a steal! And it stops in Amsterdam, where I've never been. Another place to get a keychain!

I had already looked up hostels, and they'll be less than $20 a night. A very inexpensive yet impressive trip, indeed!

I am very, very excited. Also in disbelief. It is four months away, which is a long-ass time. Though that will give me plenty of time to pick the brains of all my friends who have been to Prague.

In the meantime, FIVE WEEKS until our Christmas European vacation. Yay!


Ms. M said...

Yeah! That is going to be so much fun! I wish that I were going on a trip soon! Four months seems so close right now (considering I'm sure I won't be going anywhere for at least two years!). I have a friend in Prague. He says it's already so cold but you can buy hot wine on the street to warm you up. Yum!

ms. frizzle said...

Congratulations, very exciting.

You should consider having your kids spend a day or two researching Prague and have them suggest places for you to go, look at maps of the city, basically design a field trip for you to go on... then you can bring back your pictures and reports from these places. Don't let them take over your vacation - it's your trip - but it could be extremely motivating for them (and help you find out what there is to see while you're there).