Friday, November 04, 2005

My cute dress, dressed down with a cardigan and librarian shoes. I got lots of compliments on it, and many of them thought I was wearing a poodle skirt. Which is so nice because people made fun of me when I DID wear a poodle skirt in middle school. Yeah, I'm special.

Some girls decorating one of the cakes brought in for me. Mm, cake.


Food carnage and gifts taking over my desk. (The blue milk crate is supposed to be there; that's my stock of test pr@p materials.)

A handknit, huge squooshy scarf and matching hat from my birthmom. Jules won't be cold this winter!
An acrostic poem about me, from a student:

M--makes EL@ a time to remember
S--super in teaching
C--cares about education

A letter in a card, from a student:

"Dear Ms. C,

Over the past two months, you have taught the class and myself a lot of things. Sometimes you do it in a fun way so it doesn't seem boring to other kids. Within the box contains a prize for being the best teacher ever. It also contains a gift for your special B-day. I hope you enjoy them!

Your student,


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