Wednesday, November 16, 2005

WANTED: Bloggers with Wanderlust for Midwinter Break!

Okay people, there are some seriously fantastic fare sales going on.

Here are two that are making me drool, AND that end very quickly.

The best one:
Six nights, air and hotel and rail to: Budapest, Prague, and Vienna=only $749 per person, double occuapancy, from NYC/JFK. For a single person, like me, it's $949. Which is still a good deal, but come on: less than $800 for a full six-night Central European vacation! I have never been to any of these cities and I have heard only wonderful things about them and oh lord is this a fantastic deal. Here's the site.

And you have to book by TOMORROW.

Total price with taxes etc is roughly $1050. But again, six nights. Hotel, airfare, railtickets, and continental breakfasts. If it's just me, then it costs $1250.

Please, friends, somebody come with me. Things like this are what credit cards were invented for. Plus, by the time this happens, us teachers should have gotten a little backpay.

A pretty damn good one:
London is massively cheap at the moment. They are doing free/discounted hotel nights, which, if there is more than one person, would make it still extremely cheap. Since I don't need to be in London for five or six days, I think it would be superfun to drive around and visit other places. Or take a train up to Scotland and hang around there, see Edinburgh and Glasgow and whatever else.

Airfare is about $450, including taxes, from JFK.

Email or comment IMMEDIATELY!! Come on, let's go have fun in Europe!!

Okay, now I'm feeling like the 3-city thing is a little much for a single American gal. So I went back to British Airways (they are the best airline in the world, I must say), and looked at Prague for five or six nights=$576 including taxes. Looked up hostels and found an apparently good one for $13-17 a night (no lockout, internet access, continental breakfast). So that means the entire thing would cost less than $700! And I could meet people in the hostel. And go see other places around Prague, by train, if I felt like it.

Hm, this one is sounding better and better.
This booking doesn't end until Monday.

Still, let me know if someone wants to come along!


ms. frizzle said...

I would be so up for this if I weren't saving money for a trip to China or India this summer. Have fun!

your math teacher said...

Dag! Jules, you are very adventurous!