Sunday, November 06, 2005

Up close and personal with:, one of the super tasty cupcakes brought by Miss Nancy to last night's teacher blogger hangout. The night was good and fun. Five of us at a bar in the LES--Nancy, Frizz, Smoh, and M. Don't you wish you could've been there?

I had two long islands and a free kamikaze and hoo boy, that was too much alcohol for little old me, especially since I hadn't eaten in a few hours. So I got a little cross-eyed and queasy, but thank goodness there was no real sick.

We hung out at the bar for about four hours, which is insane; it flew by in lots of fun chatting, mostly about teaching and stuff.

Ooh, and Ms Frizzle got me a CD: Nada Surf. I gave it a listen earlier and liked what I heard. Hurrah for new music! Thanks! :)

I got home around 4am and slept til 10.30. Soon I put on my 'good girl' face and got started on the stupid "paper" that's a week late. I did it on evolution vs creationism/intelligent design. Honestly, it was kind of sickening to read about some of the arguments. But...I finished it and sent it off a couple hours ago.

Let's see...once again it is Sunday. Which means I'm just gearing up for the whole "time off" thing, just in time for the last evening of freedom. Although this week will be pretty easy; Tuesday is the "inservice" day and Friday we're off. I do have another midterm on Wednesday night that I am not interested in studying for just yet. Maybe later.


Nancy said...

The frosting is the color of russian dressing. I was trying really hard to make it orange and I thought my hands were going to be permanently dyed yellow and red forever! The things I do for you!

Fred said...

Sounds like you can handle more than me in the bar. :)

Nice cupcake - I hope it was tasty!

NYC Educator said...

Boy, I don't know what I thought that thing was before I realized it was a cupcake.