Sunday, September 10, 2006

A bit more normal, at long last

The not-sleeping all week really kicked my ass. I was fading well before 9pm on Friday, but somehow didn't actually go to bed until about 10.30. I slept well until about 8, and then went to bed from 9-10.15.

I'd thought that getting a good night's sleep would help. Silly me! A whole week's of sleep can't be made up at once.

ALL.DAY. Saturday I felt like the waking dead. My head wasn't clear; my limbs were weak. Under normal circumstances, I am a fast, striding walker who weaves in and out of the stupid slow folks. All day Saturday, I became a plodder, a trudger who was keeping up with the stupid slow ones.

I ate some and thought that would help. Nope.

After a successful trip to Costco (ie, getting what I needed and somehow keeping it well under $100), I came home and had a nice big dinner and two big glasses of ice water. Yum.

About an hour later, I noticed that the dreary drudge head had disappeared; I was miraculously feeling normal again! I was fully awake and aware, and not once did my eyelids droop the rest of the evening. In fact, I stayed up fairly easily until midnight.

Behold, the power of nutrition and hydration!

I only slept six hours, and got up at seven. I cleaned my bathroom and got started on looking up lesson ideas and materials online. (Much more on that very soon.)

It's now noon and I'm still feeling good. I had a breakfast of (sugary, oops) cereal, mango juice, and a nectarine. I'm thinking about a baked potato, snap peas, and a pear for lunch. And more water, of course. Yum!

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Jonathan said...

Summer is better for recuperation than a weekend, but a weekend is still good.

The beginning of this year has been brutal.