Monday, September 18, 2006

Meh Monday

The good news:
I mailed off the papers for both my salary differential (master's degree, baby!), and my certification papers (approval from the college). Now I just need to take the ATS-W (next weekend) and pay for the certificate application, and I will be on my way to being a real, certified New York teacher!

The bad news:
The scratchy throat was not a fluke. Yesterday, in addition to that, I developed a nasty sinus pressure headache. All day today, my nose has been running and my ears haven't been normal. I've been rubbing at my ears like a little kid. It's not easy using a projected voice around students when it sounds all echoey in your own ears.

Some okay news:
I had an eighth-grade coverage (which will probably happen a lot on Mondays), with a class made up of at least a handful of kids I knew. I hounded them and called out a few times, and I did the noun classification activity, and then a little bit about prepositions (Graycie's excellent 'where did the mouse run?' prompt). There was too much talking for most of it, but at least half the class was paying attention and seemed to get it easily. Hurrah! We did five minutes of Brain Quest at the end. I was proud of myself for sticking to my guns--doing something productive, and encouraging students to be on task--and not going crazy like coverages usually make me.


Ms. M said...

What is this excellent promt that you speak of?

Ms. H said...

Congratulations on getting that stuff done! Woo hoo! And geez, I hope you feel better soon; that part sounds miserable.