Saturday, September 02, 2006

Holy cow, SO.TIRED.

My eyelids were drooping by 8.30 but I stayed up til about 10.45. I set the alarm for 9, because I need to go to two stores and then school before noon. It's now 9.45 and I still feel weak and utterly exhausted. After TEN hours asleep!

All week I haven't slept well. It's taken a really long time for me to sleep and it just wasn't fun. So last night was the first in a week that I was really out. Boy, was I out. I had four crazy dreams, one of which involved a wallet stealer breaking in to a place I was housesitting, and I had to fight back. Grr.

School the last two days has been fine. We had a few meetings in the mornings and had lots of time for room set-up. Somehow I'm still not totally done yet. There's always more little things to do!

In fact, right now I need to print out my Expect Excellence signs so that at school I can color them and put them up. My first day won't work without those!

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