Monday, October 02, 2006

Kick Ass!

Yes, I kick ass today! It's a good thing we didn't have school today, so I could get some stuff done.

I was up around 7.15 (having gone to bed at 11.15pm, which means I'm finally normalizing again). It is now 12.15. (Well, it was when I wrote this dang thing the first time).

I have:
--Done my laundry;
--Sewn over two feet of trim back on my favorite blanket (I'm a grown-up, I swear!)(I'm not really a sew-er, so the stitches are uneven and all over the place, but I did it! Very proud);
--Remade the bed with fresh sheets (pain in the ass but so satisfying when it's done);
--Watched three DVR'd shows from the last three days;
--Finished grading the vocabulary quizzes (not too pleased with all of them, though);
--Input those grades into the computer; and
--Done the dishes.

Wow! Fabulous! Incredibly productive!

Now I am tres hungry and must make some nachos before I faint.

I still have plenty of things I should/could do, like sweep, take out the trash, call parents, work out, make a trip to the post office, walk to the library, finish cleaning the bathroom, etc etc.

But right now I'm going to bask in the glow of morning productivity. Also, nachos.


UPDATE, 3.15:
I just returned from completing three more tasks--no, four:
My apartment is located roughly equidistant between the library and the post office; each is a little less than a ten minute walk away. So I took the trash and recycling to the basement, and then turned south to the library. I browsed but resisted getting anything new; I still have five books from my last trip. Then I walked back north, past my building and on to the post office. I need stamps but did not want to stand in line, as I had forgotten to bring a book. So I returned home. Altogether it must have been at least a 25 minute walk, which counts as exercise, and I got some vitamin D to boot!


Anonymous said...

Commerce Bank offers stamps through their cash machine.

TinyNose said...

Congrats on your mega-productive day! I am so envious of your not having school today. This grad school thing is KICKING. MY. BUTT. Big time. I've got a ginormous paper due tomorrow and at least 4 more pages to crank out tonight. All that before I get started on the References page, which is going to suck balls. Don't I sound mature?