Monday, October 30, 2006


Love: Getting 287 out of 300 on my ATS-W! Woohoo for state certification, baby!

Hate: The 8th grade class I had for a coverage, a class I taught as sixth-graders. It was worse than any day of my first year teaching; like being in hell; awful; terrible; horrible, etc etc. Yuck.

Love: Not taking it personally! Hurrah for maturing as a teacher and being able to shake it off, after being mad, of course.

Hate: Then dealing with my slower afternoon classes with an even shorter fuse than usual.

Love: My morning/high-level class in general, for being on task and working hard and getting it. Specifically, we practiced finding adjectives while reading today, and they rocked!

Hate: That though a new copy machine has been sitting in the lounge for at least a week, it has yet to be programmed and is therefore still unusable!

Love: My eighth-grade after-school kids, most of them anyway. We started grammar review on Friday, using Schoolhouse Rock and grammar texts. I've kicked out the disruptive kids (because hello? Optional program! I surely will not put up with noisy kids who distract the entire room and who clearly don't care about trying, and who have been warned multiple times by me AND by APs!), and the last two times have had about ten kids. It's a perfect size because I can see easily who's getting it, and everyone is starting to participate, and do well. Good job, kids!

Hate: The fact that one or more of my classes may not deserve to have a party for my birthday, because they are too loud/distracted/behind.

Love: Getting some early birthday cards from family and friends! Yay! Don't worry, I won't open them til Wednesday.

Hate: That I'm too old to go trolling for free candy tomorrow. :(

Love: Giant Potatoes, Caesar dressing, and Bunny Tracks ice cream. Not all mixed together, of course! That would be yucky.

Hate: Being hungry all the time at school, because there's no time to eat while teaching, and correcting, and entering data, and being in the book room, and generally running around, etc etc.
Love: Getting my report cards done tonight, and they're not due until Wednesday morning! Hurrah for not procrastinating!

Hate: That yesterday was the LONGEST. DAY. EVER.

Love: That I actually worked on my scrapbook from last Christmas's Barcelona/Paris trip! For a long time and my back hurt from slouching on the floor, but still, good to be productive!

One last love: The show Heroes! Oh man, it is SO GOOD. It's the best thing about Mondays, hands down. Woohoo!

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