Sunday, October 08, 2006

Must. Stop. Buying. Clothes!

I've gone shopping at least four times in the last two months. Take a look:
I bought the green corduroy skirt above and the purple sweater below at H&M back in August. Very cute! I got the adorable blue patterned skirt and the black pants below at Marshall's a couple weeks ago. The pants are another size 6, so they fit, which is excellent.

This weekend Boyfriend and I drove up to the outlet mall. It took a long time and almost too much patience, but it was a good thing. I got a bunch of underthings, like thermals, and a waffle shirt, below. At the Ann Taylor outlet, I bought three pairs of pants! Ninety-five bucks altogether, but that averages out pretty nicely, right? All three pants are size 6, and they all fit me perfectly. I've long been tired of having loose pants, so as much as I hate spending money, I think it will be worth it.
When I got home, I looked at the trousers already in my closet and found three pairs of size 10s. All cute, and I like them, but they are now two sizes too big, and that's just silly. So I folded them up and added them to my giveaway pile.
Now I have a collection of trousers that actually fit! (Next step is finding jeans that fit--ugh.)

There was a huge, golden, full moon in a clear sky on our way home. Lovely!


Traci said...

I know exactly how you feel. I lost 15 pounds recently and have had to start buying all new pants. After wearing baggy ones for a while, it's almost strange when the fabric actually touches your body.

Schoolgal said...

From size 10 to 6....
Did I miss something. I read your blog but don't recall how you lost the weight. Do tell!