Saturday, October 14, 2006


--My birthday is in two and a half weeks. Holy crap. I'm going to be 27, which is definitely the late twenties. It sounds a bit scary, but I kind of like it. I think I'm getting more adult, whether or not I like it.

--Boyfriend and I walked 1.5 miles to the nearby cute main street, had lunch and browsed a bookstore. The crisp and chill fall air felt fantastic, and I loved walking in it. Sadly, my energy wilted significantly on the walk home and I slowed down. When I got home, I flopped on the bed, worn out with achy legs. Big old wimp, that's me.

--We had lunch at a restaurant named after a day of the week. Talk about getting old and grumpy--there was TECHNO thumping loudly, at two in the afternoon on a Saturday! I was really irritated. The waitress did not offer a drink right away, and the 'need a couple minutes?' turned into at least ten, so we sat for like fifteen with nothing. Plus she had stupid two-colored hair. These kids with their silly fads nowadays!

--I finally finished watching SNL from last weekend. I had never heard of the musical guest, Corinne Bailey Rae, so I was wary. Have you heard of her? But at first glance I was so charmed. This girl had adorable short curly hair, and wore this fantastic tulle-like strapless black dress, with a thin gold belt at the waist. (Can I please tell you how I LOATHE this belting fad? Huge belts over the widest body part? Are you kidding? Even thin women look fatter if they have a chunky belt OVER their too-long shirts! Shut up, you stupid fashion!) AND Ms Rae could SING! And looked to be having such a great time.

I loved the songs she sang and I actually bought the CD today. I listened to it once already and I really like it. Her sound is a mix of Norah Jones and India Arie, very mellow and tuneful and thoroughly enjoyable. Apparently she's huge in her native UK, but I have never heard of her before. Perhaps I'm out of the loop; actually, I know that I am. Either way, you should listen to her. Good stuff.

--We are planning to attend a compline service tomorrow evening! I'm so excited. I am not at all a religious person, but the experience and sound of chant is unparalleled. I so loved the service at St Marks in Seattle, and really hope that this one is also good.

--It is really fall weather, at long last. This is the first time that I've actually been cold in my apartment, and it kind of sucks. I took the AC unit out of the window, since it was letting in a draft. But it hasn't warmed up. I've got candles burning and my multi lights; they seem to make the room hotter when the weather is warm. I'm wearing thermals AND my fleece grape penguin suit, plus plush socks. Taking a hot shower was the only thing that warmed up my poor hands, and my feet are still chilly, even in the fuzzy socks. I may have to resort to gloves indoors.

I wanted to work out tonight, but first it was too cold and now it's too late. I hope that the sun will bring some warmth to my apartment tomorrow, and that the heat is turned on in the building. Do I need to call someone or something?

--My DVD player has totally broken. The power light comes on but nothing happens. The 'door' doesn't even open. Completely dead. Boo!! I haven't had time to watch any Netflix movies lately, and I also had to order some DVDs for the stupid movie club, so I have a LOT of DVDs that I should be watching. I can still watch on my computer and turn the screen around on my desk, but the screen is a lot smaller and it's not as comfy to watch.

--I am tired of some of the new tv shows already. I totally called the Studio 60 arrogance before I got halfway through the pilot. Thank god other people are finally agreeing with me. Vanished was just stupid and I didn't watch more than 20 minutes. I tried to watch The Nine, but it was too confusing and I didn't really know who was whom. If Ugly Betty doesn't get some better storylines, the adorable America Ferrera won't be able to keep it afloat.

--Some of the old shows have been meh, too. I've been getting annoyed at all the stupid nonsense on Grey's Anatomy, mainly Meredith's nondilemmas. I only forced myself to watch it tonight, and liked it in spite of myself. Possibly because Meredith got to be much more entertaining and funny while on morphine. Also, McSteamy's continued return doesn't hurt.

Prison Break has actually started to bug--every single episode they hit a huge brick wall. Then somehow they manage to get past the unsolvable problem. Only to get stopped by another huge issue. I like some suspense and mystery, I suppose, but this has gotten to be too much, I say. I don't even care that it's on hiatus. Big change from last year.

--It's been almost a month since the DoE got my application for the salary step. I hope that in the next month everything will go through and I'll start seeing increased takehome pay. I've been losing money and I want to get back on top of things. I really want to put more away in my IRA each month, and I'd like to add to my savings account instead of dipping in to save myself at least once a month.

--Speaking of money, I have eight books lying on the floor right now that I have either not finished or not started. But this afternoon I bought not only that CD, but also a book. My rationale was that I really like the author, from her blog and from her other book, so I felt like I was supporting an almost-friend rather than spending too much on a frivolity. Plus I have that educator's 20% discount!

--But seriously, I'm not shopping anymore! Quit it, me!


Nancy said...

one, happy birthday to come! :D
two, about the salary step. you won't actually lose money because you'll get retro pay going back to the date that you graduated. like, i finished my degree in July, submitted my papers that December, and got retro pay going back to July. If you submitted your paperwork right away, then you'll get retro pay going back to the date that they recieved your application. So, not only will you have more take-home but you'll also have a nice chunk of extra change, depending on when you submitted your paperwork, relative to your graduation date. (By the way, it took me about 6 weeks to get my raise)
3, I hate to break it to you but Corrine Bailey Rae was hot this summer. Where have you been, woman? She was all over the MTV and whatnot. She is pretty good. I much prefer KT Tunstall, though...

Reel Fanatic said...

I was high on Studio 60, but I'm already starting to lose interest .. they had a story last week in which a writer actually plagiarized an entire routine, and didn't get fired for it .. wtf?

Ax said...

I saw the last 15 mins of Studio 60 - that was the best part. Announcing that htey couldn't air a skit because it was plagiarized, and then announcing that the person who thought wrote it had plagiarized it and then announcing tht the real author had been an employee so it wasn't plagiarized... Seems like a long setup for that joke.

Must be nice to get a pay raise. :-/. Haven't had one since January 2000. triple :-/

17 more years said...

Talk to your accountant about the IRA thing- since you're covered by a pension plan through the DOE, you might not be able to deduct as much as you thing- plus, if you contribute too much, there could be a penalty.

For the future- NEVER mail any salary stuff to the DOE. We're entitled to 2 or 3 hours out of a work day for DOE business- best to take the time and go down in person. It's good you got it in fast though- my theory, is RUN , don't walk down to central as soon as you have your Master's degree in hand.

Schoolgal said...

I agree with you about many of these TV shows jumping the shark.
However I love my Netflex because I get to see shows I missed on cable like the Big Love which comes out this week. So far I am sticking with Veronica Mars and House as 2 of the best and well-written shows.

I am always happy to hear that people in your age group (Happy Early B-Day!) are looking to secure your future. I hope you have Roth IRAs rather than just regular IRAs. If not, you may want to convert them ASAP
Also, I really, really, really hope you are investing in your TDA. Put your money in that first over your IRA because it's the best deal in the world. Speak to your union rep about it if you haven't already. I think you have til Oct. 31st to make contributions and select methods for it to take effect in January.
If your not contributing, you are losing money. The fixed rate is around 8%--and that's higher than most investments and bank offerings.

I have also been thinking about your grammar lessons. Did you ever look into the book I recommended that uses writing workshop to teach grammar. As a follow up to each lesson, you may want your students to go back to their writer's notebook and edit for the part of speech you just taught them. Also have them look into their literature to find examples of your lesson.

I happen to like Sgt. Garcia's for Mexican food and they have great drinks. There lunch menu is pretty reasonable and they validate parking too.

Also TDF is offering some great tix at reduced rates to Broadway and Off Broadway shows. Membership is open to union members. You can check out their website or write to them. They also offer great trip to Europe at discounted prices.

Jules the Crazy said...

have i not mentioned that i'm actually an old lady? damn those kids and their loud music on mtv! i don't even listen to the radio any more.

our master's classes finished in july, but the degree was conferred as of sept 1. it took me a week or two to collect the transcripts and get around to sending the packet. i was nervous about the mail and the bureaucracy. maybe next time i will try to get out to brooklyn. but i know that 65 court street is an evil time it could be a draw. :)

yes, i'm very excited about getting a couple months' worth of backpay...someday.

i've been losing money because my bills seem to add up to more than the actual paycheck. i love living alone but my bank account doesn't! it's time to start SAVING money, especially since i'm itching to travel before the february trip.

see? studio 60 is stupid. (nice alliteration) thank goodness i'm not the only one.

Lady S said...

Happy Birthday - in two weeks. Yeah, 27 is old. I am now 30 and that Techno crap has bothered me for years. Although, the multicolored hair, not so much.

In my district we have to submit all movement related paperwork by Oct 31st. Which is good, because I graduated (masters) and got my transcript after school started. However, in my classmate's district in New Hampshire, it had to be by the time school started or she wouldn't get her raise until the next year.

Put all the back pay into your IRA if you can, you haven't really missed it so far, and you will need it more when you retire.