Saturday, October 28, 2006

Anyone still sure that spelling doesn't matter?

I gave a big quiz on Friday, covering plot, vocabulary words (from both sets that we've done, not just the latest one), and verbs (form and identification).

For "fal*ling action", the definition I gave them was "the story/plots are wrapping up." So on his paper, one student wrote the following: "rap!ng up the h0le plot."

For "resolution" (which almost none of them can spell), our definition was "out*come of conflict and cli*max". That same student wrote this: "resoultions: all that rap!ng up the cl!max."

I giggled in horror for a good five minutes. Oh, god.

More choice past participles:

On the last section, they had to read the sentence and write the complete verb--including any helping verbs. They all did moderately well on this, perhaps because we did them as a warm-up the day before. Let's hope. Anyway, one sentence was "Ken will be starring in the play." One student wrote this as the verb: will be staring. That also made me giggle, because that one 'r' completely changes the meaning of the sentence: "Ken will be staring in the play." Heh.

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