Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Being a Grown-Up

I'm a week away from twenty-seven, and I am actually starting to feel like a grown-up. That is weird, good and bad.

Weird because:
--I am just a kid. I don't know what the heck I'm doing, do I?
--Have they figured out I'm faking it?
--Grown-ups are all mature and shit.

Bad because:
--My bedtime is pretty lamely early, even on the weekends.
--I choose footwear based on comfort, not cuteness. Judge away, but my feet don't hurt!
--I get upset at loud music and obnoxious people. 'Cause I'm old.
--My legs and other body parts ache when it's cold. Seriously. Talk about old.

Good because:
--I am financially independent!
--I have my own apartment! And it's pretty!
--I put away my clothes right away,
--and I'm keeping crap off the floor, for the first time since...ever.
--I have a real job!
--I'm pretty good at my job, though I don't always like it that much (like this week, because I'm so freaking tired)
--Which means I get real money on a regular basis!
--Which lets me buy stuff if I want to,
--Like DVR and new DVD players, and those are AWESOME.
--Also money for traveling: trips last December, February, April, August, and this February.
--And because I am such a travel whore, I just...

Bought a ticket to Amsterdam for Christmas! It was only $483, which is a really good deal for this time of year, if you recall my recent post.

Whee! I am excited. This means I'll get to visit a new city and travel even sooner than February! Hurrah! I can't wait!


Lady S said...

I was an adult when I turned 18, but not a grown-up until I was 26.

A grown up has 4 of the following 5:
a real job
their own car
owns their own home/rents without a roommate
married/life partner
baby/pet that must be cared for

I have altered these rules somewhat, but I hold fast to the 5 steps.

However, I still swing at recess, tell dumb jokes, read kids books, and eat candy and cookies for dinner.

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Well, I consider myself a real adult, because I have had a real job (though I'm in grad school and work part-time right now, transitioning for career #2), and I'm living with my parents (or have lived with roommates in the past) because the cost of living is too damn high to live on my own at the moment, I'm not married, and am taking a break from men and their crap while I focus on grad school, and would like a baby someday, but do have a cat that I love and care for.

Does that mean I still don't qualify?

I think the criteria should be flexible - but I'm all about the candy, cookies, and kids books.

And I love snow angels.

NYC Educator said...


When I turned 25, I complained to my mother about how old I was getting.

She said, "If I were 25, I'd buy a big bass drum, write 'I'm 25' on it, and walk up and down Main Street proclaiming my news to the world."

Reading your post, I've got a very good idea how she felt at that moment.