Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend Shopping!

We started at Costco, which is one of my favorite places, to the dismay of my checking account. I decided to buy the twenty-pound bag of potatoes. See, I'm a bit of a produce snob--there's no point to tiny apples and puny potatoes. I'm from Washington, maker of large, yummy apples, and I'm pretty sure some good potatoes too. Plus, we had a big old garden with our own produce (my favorite was the corn on the cob. and the strawberries. yum!).

The wee spud on the left was purchased at a rather ghetto neighborhood store. The Costco bag is mostly full of healthy, large potatoes like the middle that are big enough to make the microwave plate list to one side. There are also a couple Shaq-like giants, on the right. Look, it's bigger than the spoon!

And dude, the big potatoes are SO good! A million times better than the three-bite babies. Remember that I mentioned my dead DVD player? Well, I figured I could ask for a new one for my birthday (just over a week away), but I wasn't sure whom to ask, and I wasn't thrilled about the lag time. So when I saw this Toshiba for $45, I figured why not. The shitty no-name one was forty bucks at Target, so this was definitely worth a shot. It's very slick and shiny, and I love it! Plus, Boyfriend discovered that it plays DivX, which are data discs you can record tv and movies on. I've got a pile of them I can now watch on the tv instead of the little computer screen. Sweet!
Next stop was Target, where I saw this multi-head lamp on clearance for $14. The two floor lamps I bought when I first moved were from a lame warehouse store, and they sucked. Both of their knobs broke, so one I just have to plug in, and the other required turning and rotating, using a sweater to prevent blisters. I was very relieved to set up this one instead, with an easily-turned knob.

Yesterday, I was very productive. I watched some tv and relaxed for awhile, because I was sleepy. But eventually I got up off my ass: I swept the floors, cleaned the bathroom, and worked out! I'm really proud of myself, because I have so far kept the schedule for working out that I planned: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Good job, me!


beacherteacher said...

I feel your pain. Last night, i just couldn't bring myself to order the Browny Sunday (sic) that was written on the "Specials" board at the restaurant.

Misspellings are definitely my biggest pet peeve.

Even more unnerving:

beacherteacher said...

I don't know what I did wrong, but I wanted to leave that comment on the blog titled "Stupidity".
Oh, well.