Sunday, January 14, 2007

Book Room Pictures!


(this looks dirty, but look, you can see large parts of the floor! MAJOR clean up)

Pretty, organized piles of titles!

Books, old and new, just waiting for new readers.

These are audio books and matching actual books. These need to be organized, but that has to wait until there's an empty shelf.



So many resources!

And even more!

This is the book closet, and this is the impressive 'after' picture. I forgot to take a before picture, but there were two old doors on the left, and piles of boxes on other boxes. You couldn't get more than three or four semi-steps into the room. I had to step on boxes and then step on that old card catalog, and turn sideways and suck in to get to the back. But now all the reading books (all brand new l!t c!rcle books! in so many boxes!) are out, and the next step (because there will always be more) will be organizing all the t3sting materials in this room (because there's a ton in the other room, and it would make a huge difference to get it out of there).

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Ms. H said...

I am drooling! What a great service you have done for your school. I hope colleagues have been expressing their appreciation.