Thursday, January 11, 2007

Exciting News!

Guess what?

The bookroom is DONE!
All the novels and textbooks have been noted and counted!

It's not actually done, of course, because I still need to do some serious cleaning and a lot more organizing, but that has to wait until there are fewer books in there. Because right now there are still piles and more piles, on the dusty, dirty concrete.

Even better than finishing, I got to show it off to my grade department! They were not quite as enthused as I was (probably a byproduct of the dust and dirt?), but they did express interest in a few things 'on display.' And isn't that the whole point? It's very exciting.

Not so exciting is the progress of my students. Ugh. I was just talking to Boyfriend about it and got a little worked up. Argh. More on that later.

On a happier but unrelated note, I now have TWO wins on two-suit spider solitaire. Much better news, indeed.


Nancy said...

Bookroom pics, please! Please?
Have a great weekend. And the kids? The kids will be alright. Promise.

Ms. H said...

Yes! Photos! I want photos too.
Organized bookroom = impossibly sexy.