Thursday, January 18, 2007

Moving Along

Today while the kiddies completed the last portion of the test, I completed a new set of seating charts! Go us.

Also, I got to bring some more teachers to the bookroom, and they each found a small box worth of books to take back to their rooms with them. Hurrah!

Somehow, I also found the drive to write up some great plans. Double hurrah! Next week for reading, to ease us back into the swing of things, we will do a short mini-lesson (because it's review!) on figurative language, two per day. Then they will read their books and note down the examples they find. I was thinking that the week after that, we'll practice making connections for a couple days, and then making predictions, and then, oh shoot, I forgot the rest. But I'll figure it out. :)

There's a pile great media workbooks in the bookroom. I started flipping through it and found that it had different units for each form of mass media, and included information and activities. Score! In my notes, I condensed the first two (newspapers and magazines) and fashioned those into three to four days of 'writing' workshops. That will bring us into the types of advertising for the next week, the third week we'll specifically look at race and color in the media, and the fourth week we'll be narrow it down to civil rights ads.

And my friend found some fantastic activities in a vocabulary workbook, including a big crossword that involves finding antonyms, synonyms, and homophones! Awesome. That's going to be the main activity for tomorrow, because it will be fun and will help get the kids thinking about words. We'll be jumping back into vocabulary next week, and I think I might do word games for warm ups and see how that goes.

With this RIDICULOUS testing schedule, it's kind of like having two years in one. So next week, we start anew, and we get to have fun and do projects! I'm all over that, and I think the kids will do well. Triple hurrah!

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Ms. H said...

Once again, you and I are doing the exact same thing in our classrooms -- the parallels are almost scary! My new seating charts have gone over well, btw. My seventh graders are all about the word games. Another benefit of this new-year feeling seems to be the ability to slip in new procedures that would have been harder to implement a week or two ago.