Sunday, January 07, 2007


Madurodam is kind of a park of famous features of Holland, built on a 1/25 scale.
It was really neat, even though I'm not a kid.
Hans Brinker is the boy who plugged a dike. Except it's not a real legend; it's a made-up fairy tale from a book written by an American woman who'd never been to Holland.

I like these direction/distance signs. Apparently New York is just under 6000 meters away from The Hague.

Close up of the interior of the Binnenhof, the royal palace of The Hague. Here you can see the golden carriage of the Queen, military guard, commoners lining the square, and even a two-man film crew.

A moving carnival.

Canal street. When you put in a coin at this 'station', the wagon plays music and the puppets move. You can see an office behind, with two people sitting on opposite sides of a desk, as in an interview.

The Anne Frank Huis on the Prinsengracht.

A Dutch windmill. And a hungry little boy.

'Futuristic' homes built in Rotterdam in the 70s. On the left you see 'cube houses' built on their sides, and along the right you see houses bridging canals.

At the model of a candy factory, you can insert a coin (in the blue box), and the automated truck will fetch you a miniature piece of candy.

Full scale model of Schipol airport, featuring moving trams and baggage movers, and planes at terminals. Here I am kicking Northwest Airlines in retaliation for my sore back. Take that!

Just north of The Hague, the beach town of Schevingen.
An automated boat pulls a waterskier around the pond.

Tulip fields.

A giant wooden shoe. Behind, you can see models of ships and the rest of the attractions.
It's an expensive thing to do, but it was so neat to see all the little things and moving vehicles!
I definitely recommend visiting if you're ever around there.

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